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We are a language school in Vancouver, Canada with a proven method and unique teaching materials. At inlingua Vancouver, students begin speaking English from their first lesson!

Downtown Vancouver

inlingua Vancouver is part of the inlingua International Schools of Languages, with more than 300 language schools around the world (close to 40 countries) where over 500.000 students study and learn languages, especially English. Our English language instructors are qualified and experienced professionals with certified English teaching credentials. At our school we are offering high-quality English language training.

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Our English school uses the exclusive inlingua method to help you study English and learn very fast. In your language course you will speak English and have conversations from your first lesson. A beginner English student who came to Canada and started using our method could become totally fluent in just a few months.

inlingua English Lessons at inlingua Vancouver focus on speaking and also help to improve specific language skills such as reading, writingspeakinggrammarlistening and pronunciation, using the inlingua method. Students in full-time programs will also study english in Elective Lessons such as Fluency & Accuracy or Speaking & Listening. Small groups of students are one of the features in our Semi-Private Lessons. Check out all the English lessons inlingua Vancouver has to offer!

inlingua Vancouver also offers Test Preparation Courses for TOEFL iBTCambridge FCECambridge CAEIELTS as well as Private English Lessons and full-time courses in Business English. For students interested in University or College education, we offer a University Pathway Program.


Vancouver is continuously rated among the top cities in the world to live in, providing an ideal environment for learning English. Our conveniently-located campuses in downtown Vancouver and school facilities are fully-equipped to meet all of our students' needs.


At inlingua Vancouver we have a strict English Only Policy. This policy forces students to speak English at all times in our language school campuses and activities. It ensures the best possible opportunity for students to speak English.

Instructors and staff will use English as the language of communication with all students and at all times on school property (except in counseling situations and in case of emergencies). Students will be expected to also follow this rule when speaking to each other.

Students communicating using a mother tongue when not absolutely necessary will be penalized. However, students using English at all times and showing enthusiasm in their classes will be rewarded.

English Only Policy (Strictly enforced by all teachers and staff members)

Because inlingua Vancouver is a friendly place, we prefer to motivate our students to speak only in English. If they use only English at the school, most likely these things will happen:

  • You will learn English quickly.
  • You will make friends from all over the world.
  • Everyone at the language school will respect you.
  • You can win a prize (like an inlingua gift or a  coffee certificate), presented by your teacher at school in the morning.
Our Language School Affiliations
inlingua International School of Languages inlingua Vancouver is part of the inlingua International Schools of Languages. inlingua was founded in 1968. It has over 300 schools worldwide in close to 40 countries. Our school is among the largest and oldest educational organizations in the world.
accredited by Languages Canada inlingua Vancouver is also proud to be an accredited member of Languages Canada – A Canadian Association of Language Schools and related organizations. The Languages Canada logo is a symbol of quality. We were inspected and audited and we passed the quality standards of Languages Canada.
Education Quality Assurance BC BC's EQA Designation is Canada's first and only provincial brand of quality for post-secondary education. EQA provides one standard provincial seal that can be recognized globally as a symbol of quality education and consumer protection. inlingua Vancouver is proud to be on the List of BC's EQA-designated Post-Secondary Schools.
Member of Tourism Vancouver inlingua Vancouver is also a member of Tourism Vancouver — is a business association representing approximately 1,000 members in tourism and related industries/activities. Our purpose is to effectively market Metro Vancouver as a destination for leisure, meeting and event travelers.
inlingua Vancouver is designated by Private Training Institutions Branch in BC inlingua Vancouver is a designated institution by Private Training Institutions Branch, in British Columbia.
SQS Certified Management Systems inlingua Vancouver is an accredited language center by ISO International Organization for Standardization, in the field of Language Training and Testing, according to the ISO standard 29990:2010, Learning services for education and training.
Some of our Universities and College partners - pathways and transfer agreements
First, study English at inlingua Vancouver, then transfer to Capilano U and get your degree, or transfer later to UBC or SFU.
Based in North Vancouver, Capilano U teaching-focused university offering a wide range of programs and services that enable students to succeed in their current studies, in their ongoing education, in their chosen careers, in their lifelong pursuit of knowledge, and in their contribution as responsible citizens in a rapidly changing and diverse global community.
Capilano has a growing number of degree programs in various disciplines, very popular for international students, including the following:
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Tourism, Management
  • Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
  • Bachelor of Communication Studies
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education Care and Education
  • Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts
  • Bachelor of Performing Arts
First, study English at inlingua Vancouver, then transfer to Thompson River University and get your degree.
TRU is a leading Canadian destination for international students, with students from more than 80 countries enrolled at the main campus in Kamloops.
It is a comprehensive Canadian university offering Masters and Bachelor degrees as well as diplomas and certificates.
Special Opportunities: Options to work on and off campus / Combined study and work programs / Transfer credit from recognized institutions overseas / International exchange programs / Scholarship programs.
First, study English at inlingua Vancouver, then transfer to University of Prince Edward Island and get your degree.
The University of Prince Edward Island, founded on the tradition of liberal education, exists to encourage and assist people to acquire the skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary for critical and creative thinking, and thus prepare them to contribute to their own betterment and that of society through the development of their full potential. To accomplish these ends, the University is a community of scholars whose primary tasks are to teach and to learn, to engage in scholarship and research, and to offer service for the benefit of our Island and beyond.
First, study English at inlingua Vancouver, then transfer to University of Regina and get your degree.
The U of R is ranked as one of Canada’s top 10 comprehensive universities and attracts Nobel Peace Prize-winning researchers and students from around the world.
The U of R is a global community. It is large enough to host students from over 90 countries, yet small enough to give you a more personalized and focused academic experience. You can get to know your professors and faculty members. The student to faculty ratio is 20:1.
First, study English at inlingua Vancouver, then transfer to Fairleigh Dickinson University and get your degree.
FDU-Vancouver offers undergraduate students one of the few opportunities to earn an American college degree while studying in Canada. FDU-Vancouver welcomes students from around the world to create a culturally diverse learning environment.
Fairleigh Dickinson University is a center of academic excellence dedicated to the preparation of world citizens through global education. The University strives to provide students with the multidisciplinary, intercultural and ethical understandings necessary to participate, lead and prosper in the global marketplace of ideas, commerce and culture.
... and more university and college partners


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